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  • Measure: .75 Inch x .75 Inch Chain Included 16-18 Inch 2 Inch extender
  • Weight: 3.4 Grams
  • Material: Oxidized .925 Sterling Silver, Chain Included
  • SKU: APPL-G191254N-AZ
  • UPC: 640626759410
This evil eye flat circle medal pendant utilizes one of the most mysterious symbols. The Eye of Ra, or Udjat, was a popular symbol of protection for the ancient Egyptian people. Legend says that when the eye faces the right, it represents the sun god Ra.This .925 Sterling Silver evil eye pendant features a detailed .925 Sterling Silver. Whether you are an ancient symbol fan, a conspiracy theorist or you just have a keen eye for fashion. This pendant will do the trick for you. Chain Included.




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