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  • Measure: 1.68 inch L x 0.66 inch W
  • Weight: 17.48 gram
  • Stone: 16 mm
  • Material: Opalite Glass, Brass, Rhodium Plating
  • SKU: CB-ER20883-AZ
  • UPC: 640626619714
A new piece of dragon jewelry will make a great addition to your collection of dangling earrings and add a fun and fashionable look to your everyday style. Each Opalite dangle earring is made with a lucky silver plated dragon, playfully wrapped around a 16mm Opalite orb.The look of the luminous Opalite glass orb is intriguing. You can easily seethe play of colors when light shines on the stone. The Asian dragon is honored by the Chinese for the power and wisdom they are thought to symbolize. Buy a pair of lucky dragon earrings for yourself today and wait for the compliments to start.


Beige, Blue, Brown, Dark Blue, Navy, Purple


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