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  • Measure: 1.25in x 1in With 22in Chain
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Black Plating
  • UPC: 640626648875
If you are looking to add a unique touch to even the most basic outfit, a perfect choice is our newest black Stainless Steel handcuff necklace. Embrace the fun of trendy jewelry and show off your dominant side with our black handcuff necklace. An added bonus is that the handcuffs do open and close, making this Stainless Steel necklace a super cute and fun choice in . Grab some attention with your choice in fashion accessories for men this season and draw some interest to your unique style. Black handcuff necklaces make perfect gifts for a friend in law enforcement or for someone who has a goth sense of style. Our 22 inch handcuff necklace is made entirely of black plated Stainless Steel on a 9mm wide curb chain. The design in the center is finished off perfectly with two working handcuffs. Order your handcuff jewelry today.


Black, Silver-Tone


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